The Congress: Introduction

    On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I take great pride in welcoming all the participants to this 4th World Congress on Infrastructure Asset Management (INFRAASSETS4.0). This congress is jointly organized by WMIT Group Sdn Bhd (WMIT) and Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA). The event will be held on 11th – 12th November 2019 in Bangi Resort Hotel, Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia. The Congress aims to create a platform for the advancement of infrastructure asset knowledge transfer and collaboration among professionals, industry players and experts, researchers, authorities from regional and international institutions, academia, and the industry.

    The First World Congress on Infrastructure Asset Management was held over 9 years ago in 2011. This Congress will be the 4th edition of such Congress on Infrastructure Asset management. Boosted by successes of the previous Congresses, the Organisers will make every effort, and will push on with a bigger and wider role in strengthening infrastructure assets management for the future. We hope you will help us make the Congress as a major biennial contribution to uplift the infrastructure asset industry.

    Climate change, rising energy costs, natural disasters, sustainable development, a changing world economy; in the face of the key global concerns, infrastructure vulnerability becomes an increasingly important issue everywhere in the world. Physical infrastructure constitutes a nation’s major investment over many generations. Public infrastructure now has a global replacement cost on the order of 20 trillion US Dollars while the costs for private infrastructure, including housing stock, is several times that values.

    Realizing the importance of addressing such challenges, it is hope that this Congress would bring together experts from the industries as well as researchers to explore on new innovations in solving those challenges. Hence, the theme for this year’s Congress is “Infrastructure Asset Management: Readiness and Challenges towards IR 4.0”.

    We welcome you to this congress and look forward to your participation in the Congress.

    Chris Champion